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Currency Exchange Software


Includes below features
Buy-Sell Currency Buy-Sell Currency
Maintain Currency Stock Maintain Currency Stock
Wholesale Currency Wholesale Currency
LIVE currency rates LIVE currency rates
Receipt & Report Printing Receipt & Report Printing
Day End Accounting Day End Accounting
Profit & Loss Calculation Profit & Loss Calculation
HMRC Sanction List Check HMRC Sanction List Check
Anti Money Laundering Compliance Anti Money Laundering Compliance
Regular Customer Management Regular Customer Management
Rateboard Integration Rateboard Integration
Online Currency Website Integration Online Currency Website Integration
Online Money Transfer website Integration Online Money Transfer website Integration
Customized Customized
Secure Secure
Easy-to-use Easy-to-use

Currency Exchange Software

CEBS is a one stop solution for Currency Exchange Bureaus. It is a multi currency accounting software which is specially designed to facilitate Foreign Currency Exchange Bureaus that mainly exchange currencies and cash/sell travellers' cheques. CEBS is fully customizable and so it can best suit your business requirements. It's reliable and user friendly.

CEBS is developed after thorough research and understanding the exact need of both Management & Cashiers. This was achieved by interviewing the cashiers and managers of Currency Exchange Bureaus across London. Use of modern techniques, through market survey and individual approach to every company has led to the development of high quality solution in terms of CEBS for Currency Exchange Bureaus.

Buy-Sell Currency

CEBS facilitates the currency exchange cashier to buy or sell foreign currency. Cashier can choose between currency notes, currency coins and travellers cheques to transact with. Current transactions and transaction history will be displayed and is available to take actions on such as delete transaction or view details or reprint

Maintain Currency Stock

CEBS comes up with pre-feed world currencies. Everyday transactions will affect the currency stock which will be maintained under Available Stock functionality.

Wholesale Currency

Currency wholesale transactions can be maintained in CEBS. Facility to add wholesalers in currency system. Separate transaction accounting & reporting for wholesale transactions.

LIVE currency rates

CEBS provides one click update rate facility. As the exchange rates fluctuates, bureau cashiers can update rates any number of times in a day. If there is no internet connection then cashiers can update spot rates manually.

Receipt & Report Printing

After every transaction receipt is generated. This can be configured to print directly on the receipt printer or generated in PDF or HTML to print on selected printer. CEBS provides range of reports which can be generated from reporting section. Daily transaction report, end of day report, profit & loss report are few of the reports which CEBS provides.

Day End Accounting

Facility to tally total buying and selling of currencies for the day. Report is generated after closing the shift. This report displays opening balance, total buying, total selling and actual currency stock for the entire shift.

Profit & Loss Calculation

There are various ways in which the profit can be calculated. This can be configured and currency exchange owners can select the profit calculation method. Profit can be calculated based on percent margin on buying and selling of currency. Other methods include average rate calculation, weighted average calculation or it can be customised to match any other calculation method.

HMRC Sanction List Check

CEBS is fully compliant with HMRC's anti money laundering rules. Currency Bureau company can set their anti money laundering limits, check customer names against sanction list and this is recorded and report can be generated.

Anti Money Laundering Compliance

Money Laundering is a serious crime and CEBS is fully compliant with HMRC and FCA. GBP amount limits can be set for Primary identification document and Secondary identification document. Customer identification details can be stored against the transaction and can be reproduced whenever required. Report is available to generate between date range.

Regular Customer Management

Regular customers can be registered in CEBS system. Upto 3 identification documents can be stored. There is document expiry notification available with notifies the cashiers if any of the customer document is about to expire.

Rateboard Integration

CEBS is seamlessly integrated with Rateboard application. The rateboard software displays customised design presentation on TV or any other display screen. Currency buying and selling rates will be displayed along with any other promotional screens. Recommended screen size 32 inches or larger.

Online Currency Website Integration

CEBS can effectively integrate with online currency selling website. Any orders received online comes directly to CEBS with a new order notification. CEBS has a dedicated section for online currency orders.

Online Money Transfer website Integration

Specialized solution, developed exactly for your organization, considering all features of your business.


Specialized solution, developed exactly for your organization, considering all features of your business.


Strong protection algorithms to prevent steal or misuse of the information.


Simple and clear interface will allow you to concentrate on your work and will decrease your training costs.