Online Currency Selling

Online Currency Selling Application


Includes below features
Store details Store details
Currency Rates Currency Rates
Selling Margin Selling Margin
Anti Money Laundering Anti Money Laundering
Compliance & Sanction List Compliance & Sanction List
Order Management Order Management

Online Currency Selling Application

CEBS team aspires its customers to sell currency online through their own website. Smart minds of CEBS team puts all your business processes together to form a showcase for the world. An opportunity is created for you to reach the maximum number of currency buying customers not only in UK but all around the world.

Store details

You will be provided with Admin side configuration facility where you can insert details of all your currency selling stores. These details include Store address, opening and closing hours, nearest tube station as well as walking direction to the store from tube station.

Currency Rates

Online selling of currency has been made simple. With one click the currency rates can be updated.The Admin side of the application gives the user the facility to update the system with Spot or current market rates from trusted feed. This facility keeps the rates updated on the Currency Selling website so that customer gets latest selling rates.

Selling Margin

The selling rate displayed on the Currency Selling website includes profit margin percent. User can add or modify the margin percent specific to currency from Admin side of the application.

Anti Money Laundering

This web application is fully compliant with Anti Money Laundering rules and regulations. Online currency selling limit can be put e.g. Customer cannot buy currency more than worth £5000.00. This facility is available in Admin side of the application.

Compliance & Sanction List

HMRC compliance & Sanction list lookup facility is available. Customers buying currency on the website are checked against HMRC's Sanction List. Defaulter customer's transaction does not proceed and an alert email is sent to configured email address.

Order Management

Confirmation email is sent to customer as well as to your configured email id when a new currency order is placed. Order can be managed by marking it Pending, Cancel or Complete.