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We take compliance very seriously.

Search the customer name before registering or transacting in HMRC’s sanctions list as well as USA’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN) published by OFAC. CEBS always has both the above mentioned lists updated for you.

System alerts the cashier when it is required to ask for a valid photo identification document from the customer. System also notifies cashier about ids expiring in the near future and to ask for a new one from returning customers.

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Compliance Features


HMRC Sanctions List Check

We scan each registered customer against updated HMRC’s sanctions list.


Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Set SDD, CDD and Enhanced Due Diligence transaction amounts.


Customer ID Uploads

To comply with AML procedures you can upload customer photo id, address proof as well as source of funds.


ID Notifications

We notify you about expiring and expired id documents of your registered customers.


Regular Customer Management

Register individuals or businesses who use your service regularly.


Regular Customer Compliance

Enhanced compliance and transaction limits for registered customers are implemented.

“Excellent Service, Quality Product”

CEBS and specially the compliance guidance provided by [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] of Calyx Solutions is invaluable. With his in depth knowledge he can guide you in right way with what to do and what not to. Sometimes I prefer asking [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] instead of my outsourced compliance team for help. Calyx team is very timely, punctual and most importantly they listen. All the best to the team.

A G R.