Three Must-Have Reminders for an MSB

Three Must-Have Reminders for an MSB

Yes, it’s 2023 and you are busy. Being busy is good. If you are new to the business, it is great to have aspirations.


Economic Crime Supervision Christening of HMRC AMLS

From 1st April 2021 HMRC Anti Money Laundering Supervision AMLS is renamed to Economic Crime Supervision (ECS).

Why You Need to do SEO in this COVID-19 Time

Why You Need to do SEO in this COVID-19 Time ?

Right now, thanks to COVID-19, many businesses around the world are re-evaluating their budgets, particularly their marketing expenditure.

Anti Bullying Campaign

Our Social Responsibility - Anti Bullying Campaign

Is your company passionate about stopping bullying in your town or your area schools? If Yes, can take part in this initiative by working with the Child Information Centre for their anti-bullying campaign.

Celebrating 100+ Active Licences

Celebrating 100+ Active Licences

CEBS is a currency exchange software that best serves single standalone currency exchange bureaus and currency organization with multiple branches. CEBS was founded in 2012, and its first client was in Embankment, London.


Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for Currency Exchange Company

This is a complete guide for currency exchange companies who wish to comply with strict UK compliance. Currency Exchange and Money Transfer businesses are vulnerable to Money Laundering.

New One Pound Coin

New One Pound Coin

28th March 2017, launch date of new £1 coin. Is it really happening? YES. The 30 year old £1 coin is getting changed. After the new fiver the new £1 coin will be in circulation and eventually the old £1 coin will not be accepted as legal tender anymore.

Billion websites are active

Billion Websites Are Active

1.15 billion websites are active in the world right now. Every day more than 4.2 billion Google searches are made. One of the search can be “currency bureau in Edgware Road” or “best currency rates in Bayswater”.

Christmas, Currency and Remittance

Christmas, Currency and Remittance

“UK retailers took £24 billion over the Christmas period” - 2015. 2016 may offer better numbers? It's festive time, London is glittering with streets lights and decorations. Regent Street and Oxford Street are full of shopaholics.

The New Fiver

The New Fiver

13th September 2016, officially the new five pound note is issued by Bank of England. 440 million new fivers are pumped in the currency market with a value of £2.2 billion. The old fiver will be withdrawn completely from the market by the end of May 2017.

What is SEO? Why do my website need SEO?

What is SEO? Why do my website need SEO?

Something..something.. that works behind a website to bring it on first page of search engine is SEO. Nah, this is not the answer that you expected. Alright then in plain English SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means activities carried out by SEO consultants...


5 Things To A Successful Web Presence

1. Unique and Catchy Domain Name: This is the entry point for your website. The domain name should include your company name or business type or can just be some fancy name related to what you intend.


Where to Exchange Currency in London?

Looted? Ripped off? Ohh yeah, right, you exchanged your currency at wrong place in London. 17.4 million tourists from across the globe visited London in 2014. With such high numbers brings in business worth of £125 billion.


I am a 500 Euro note

A gentleman from a European country travelled with four 500 Euro notes to London. He went to Oxford Street and found that the bureau de change cashiers were reluctant to buy the 500 Euro notes. To avoid buying they valued the Euro less than their own buying rate against GBP.


How many euros can you get for £100

¿Cuál es a día de hoy para el euro ? (What is today's rate for the Euro?) This is a common question for any Central London Bureau de change cashier on a daily basis. The cashiers prefer to use CEBS to help them keep track of any currency buy-sell transactions.