E-Money Account

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What we Offer

  • GBP Account
  • EUR Account
  • SWIFT Payment
  • Onboarding Fee £999 to £3,500
  • Monthly Threshold (Inbound/Outbound) No Limit
  • Inbound Payment £0.79 to £5
  • Outbound Payment £0.79 to £5

What is an E-Money Account?

 You get a UK 8 digit UK Account Number and 6 digit Sort Code.

 100% digital, no cash.

 Access the account 24 X 7 using Account Access Portal.

What can you do with your E-Money account?


UK Account Number and Sort Code

Get your own 8 digit UK Account Number and 6 digit Sort Code.


UK Faster Payments

  Pay your bills, staff salary or your payout partners using your account.

 Receive money from your customers into your business account.

  UK Faster Payments FPS will make most of the account transfers within 2 hours.


Standing Order

Set standing order to make a regular payment to a UK bank account.


Direct Debit

Set direct debits to pay for your internet, phone or other utility bills.


Payment Gateway

Accept card payments from your customers on your website or app.

Rejection Criteria

The Customer will be rejected automatically in the following situations:

  • Customer is listed on an international sanctions list (e.g. OFAC)
  • Any individual connected with the Customer is identified as a PEP
  • Any individual connected with the Customer is listed on an international sanctions list (e.g. OFAC)
  • Customer or any individual/legal entity associated or any other with the Customer is engaged in any of the prohibited activities listed in Schedule 1
  • Customer is based in a jurisdiction with a high risk of money laundering

Prohibited Industries

  • Adult entertainment including dating and escort services
  • Agencies recruiting foreign workers in the UK
  • Binary options trading
  • Bitcoin/digital currency issuers Bonded warehouses
  • Crowd funding
  • Debt management and collection Defence
  • Development aid
  • Diamond and precious metal merchants, including jewellers Embassies
  • Energy
  • File sharing
  • Gambling
  • Investments
  • Life science and experimental companies
  • Mining companies involved in exploration and extraction
  • Non-UK registered companies
  • Nutrition and pharmaceuticals
  • Online forex trading, including managed forex accounts
  • Pay day lenders
  • Political parties, pressure groups and think tanks
  • Private security firms
  • Unregistered charities (i.e. not registered with the Charity Commission)
  • Offshore bank transactions/ Shell banks
  • Remittances funded in cash; Cash and Check Handling: Check Cashing, Deposit Taking, Cash Transfer.
  • Companies formed of Bearer Shares
  • Shell companies
  • Fourth party payment & multi-layered MSB arrangements
  • Transactions for goods subject to export prohibition/restrictions
  • Transactions with living animals (exceptions possible like for payments for horse riding, or dog classes)
  • Political / religious organisations engaged in hate speech
  • Sanctioned entities